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It’s the time of year when teachers begin planning their fall schedules.  It’s also the time when parents begin the process of choosing activities for their kids.  It can be hard to decide what classes or teams to join.  It can also be hard to decide on the right music teacher.  I thought I would make some suggestions on how to look for a music teacher for your kids.

You can check the teacher directory at any of these websites:

Royal Conservatory of Music

Conservatory Canada

National Association for Teachers of Singing

and the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association

Each of the above organizations has professional standards for membership, so you know that the teachers are trained and qualified.  You can search by location to find a teacher near you.

You might start by asking people in your community: the church organist, the theatre administrator, the elementary school music teacher, the high school music department, the library, the dance studio, the music store, teachers of other kinds of music, friends whose kids take music lessons, etc.

Look for programs in your community such as:

Music for Young Children


Rainbow Songs

or find a well-established choir to join

Some YMCAs offer a music class too.  And there are often musical story time classes at the library. These are great ways to start for younger kids. However you find it, including music in your kid’s activities will be so rewarding.  You will likely find that when they do music, they do better in school and in other activities too. Good luck with your fall scheduling!

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