Ice cream and Lemonade

I’m sure you know the song Ice cream from the musical, Anne of Green Gables?  It is one of my favourite pieces of all time!  I think it is because it reminds me of the simpler things in life.  I think about how at the turn of the 20thC, ice cream was a real treat, a whole day affair in the making, and a community building experience.  I love the scene in the musical where people are singing, dancing, stirring, mixing, and just being joyful about being together in the moment.  We need more of this in our modern-day, hustle-bustle world.  Here’s a version for your listening pleasure:

At our church we always have a time of fellowship downstairs after the service where people gather to chat and reconnect over coffee and snacks.  During the summer months, the gathering happens outside for ‘Lemonade on the Lawn’.  So simple, but so powerful.  People come together to enjoy a glass of lemonade and share their experiences.  Now we buy lemonade pre-made, either frozen-add-water, or in a plastic jug.  But, like the ice cream, I think about how lemonade-making used to be a labour of love.  Finding the perfect lemons, squeezing, slicing, chipping the ice, making syrup to add to the lemon juice and water.  We have tried making lemonade the old-fashioned way, and we really did appreciate drinking it more afterwards.

With the beautiful weather here this week, sunny but not hot, cool at night so we can open the windows, breezy and fresh, I am filled with gratitude for the season and its experiences.  I will be singing along to the words for Ice cream (with my inside voice) every time I see people eating ice cream in the park, or when I spot the Kawartha Dairy signs along the routes of our summer travels.  When a waiter takes the time to add fresh lemon slices to the drink I enjoy on a summer road trip, I will think the simple pleasure of lemonade.

I wish you a lemonade-and-ice-cream-kind-of-experience as you begin your summer adventures.

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