Lovely Labourious June

Ah, June.  Lovely weather, beautiful brides preparing for the big day, fragrant flowers, longer days, baseball games …. True, all happening and yet it feels more like,  Aarrggh, June!  Report cards, studio recitals, tests and exams, stinky hot classrooms, clean up, exhaustion … Also true.

As my students engage in practice and preparations for exams and performances, I decided to share this video again.  It’s about 6 minutes long.  I’ve combined various somatic and energy methods to create a rehearsal readiness routine.  Taking a bit of time to release tension, process worry and overwhelm, activate the brain’s circuitry in all 4 lobes, and remember how to breathe BEFORE you start practising, can make all the difference in having a productive rehearsal experience.  I think the same is true as we prepare to study, write a test, hit the baseball or give a presentation in a non-musical context.  Performance is performance, so why not make your preparations as efficient and effective as possible.

With music students,  I try to be proactive about suggesting positive goals and providing perspective for cumulative performances.  Here are some suggestions for positive reframes around performance goals.

Student says something like… How we might reframe/give perspective


I hope I don’t mess up There is no such thing as perfect performance.  I know how to move through mistakes with poise and I carry on.


I want people to like my song I like my music and I am excited to share it


I hope I get a high mark I have prepared my material carefully and I feel good about it.  I accept the opinion of the marker and understand this is just one piece of information that fits into a bigger plan.


I’m tired of this song I’m ready for a new challenge.  I will give this song my best so I can put it away with a good finish.  Endings make way for new beginnings.


I’m worried about memory work I have strategies in place to help me remember.  I can rely on my teacher, my memory guideposts  and my accompanist to cue me.  One little memory slip doesn’t ruin the song.


I wish you productive, peaceful rehearsals and fulfilling, engaging performances as the June performance season unfolds.  I also wish you rehearsal and performance spaces with air conditioning!

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