Rehearsal Readiness Routine

Have you ever had the experience of trying to teach a student who seems distracted and would rather just tell you about their day?  Or maybe you find that it is difficult to get started or to maintain focus during a practice?  Very often we jump into learning without giving our brain any warning that we expect it to engage in something new.  Readiness training, that is getting the mind and body ready to share and receive knowledge, is an important part of learning.


Today I’m going to share with you a warm-up routine you can use before you start a music practice, or just anytime in your day when you feel you need a bit of an energy boost.  This helps me to prepare for a focused and productive practice session, and is especially helpful if I’m working towards memorization.  It is also to calm and reset during my day, especially if I’ve been sitting at the computer for a long while. I’ve pulled these ideas from three main sources, and combined with my own ideas to create this readiness routine.

More information about face yoga can be found here.

Donna Eden and energy medicine resources are here.

The basics explaining EFT tapping.

Here is an outline of the techniques I demonstrate in the video.  You might want to print this out so you can follow along, or after a while, use the list to do your own routine without the video.

Hands on Heart

Breathing – exhale longer than inhale

8 thumps, Karate chop tapping

Shoulder Pull

Stretch and drop

Figure 8s

Elbow Up Shoulder rolls

Face massage

Throat release

Wrist release

Elbow to Knee march

Zip-up to Starfish

Set intention on the breath


It will make sense when you watch the video.  Any of these techniques can be used separately for a super quick boost.  I invite you to click on the link below.

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