Spring Fever

Do you feel it?  The kids in classrooms feel it.  The dogs, birds and squirrels are nutty – they feel it.  Traffic flow changes on Fridays and Sundays, we sure feel that.  Garden centers are alive with activity.  It must be spring.  And with spring comes a new set of goals, deadlines, joys, re-evaluations … This is when I look towards summer holidays and say to myself, okay Pavlik, what did you accomplish – time to celebrate; what is still on the burner brewing – time to re-evaluate; and what has come up that needs attention – time to plan and prepare.  Put differently, it seems that another way to talk about spring fever is to talk about acceptance and resistance.  This continuum between acceptance and resistance is a slippery one for me.  Here are some thoughts about that.

Maybe acceptance means just letting it be, allowing, experiencing, being-with.  Maybe it means finding flow and allowing things to develop.  Maybe acceptance is suspending judgement, morality and the need to solve the problem to allow time to process emotions, thoughts and context.  Maybe it means slow down and breathe in order to respond rather than react.

Maybe resistance means putting energy into wishing it were different.  Maybe it shows up as being angry about the traffic or about the rain on the long weekend, or feelings of injustice because you got the flu instead of holiday.  Maybe resistance means refusal, withdrawal, negative self-talk or judgement. Maybe it means blame.

So I find myself sitting in this spring fever place.  I’m like a little molecule of singing Cathy-ness standing on an evaluation line faced with a choice.  How can I move towards acceptance?  Where are the spots that need compassion, honest evaluation, release, hope or visioning?  Where are the pot holes on the evaluation-line-path that need to be seen, processed and forgiven so that I can keep singing and skipping my little self towards acceptance?

Here are some songs that resonate with me in the spring fever place.  I wish you an exciting molecular dance on your spring path towards acceptance.

Ella Fitzgerald, Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)


Thomas Morley’s Madrigal, Now is the Month of Maying performed by the King’s Singers


Mendelssohn, Spring Song


The Beatles, Let it Be


Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers


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