Stress-free exams? Really?

‘Tis the season for high school exams… dun, dun, dah!  We have a couple of teens in our house who are gearing up to start their exam season next week.  For some kids, and with some subjects, preparations and studying have already started.  For others, it will me more of a ‘concentrated’ (a.k.a. last minute) effort.  In light of the stresses at this time of year, I want to share with you a great resource written by a colleague of mine.

Fran Burke is a retired high school guidance counsellor with a Masters degree in Education.  With her years of experience in the classroom, in a support role in schools, and now as an Emotional Success Coach, Fran has created this amazing resource to address the specific concerns she has experienced first-hand with her students and colleagues.  Her book is called, How To End Exam Anxiety: The Ultimate Approach for Parents, Teacher and Students.  Here is the link to Amazon where you can preview, and order:

In the book, Fran explains some commons symptoms of exam anxiety, which many of us may not have even recognized as anxiety.  She discusses how Brain Gym activities, and EFT tapping are effective strategies to overcome and resolve the symptoms of anxiety so that students, parents and teachers can have a more peaceful and productive experience during test times.  Brain Gym activities ‘wake up’ the brain and stimulate greater neural activity through movement.  EFT tapping interrupts the body’s stress response and can be used to transform belief systems.  Her formula is a powerful combination:  she offers strategies on how to calm stress, change negative thought patterns, and increase the brain’s capacity to learn and remember.

Here is some more info about Brain Gym

And here is more about EFT tapping

Fran’s book is full of specific strategies to help with exam anxiety, and is well worth reading.  In general some quick tips might be:

If you can include movement breaks in your studying, especially diagonal cross body movements, you will increase your ability to retain information, and not tire as quickly.

If you stop to think about how you feel about studying, or about writing an exam, accept those feelings and learn to work with them, you will experience greater flow and ease.

If you can add some basic tapping, just on the side of your hand or on the fingers to your study routine, or while writing the exam, you will calm your body’s stress response and be more effective.

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