Undermining the overwhelm

New job, hot weather, family changes, new learning, crazy parking on a crowded campus.  This is my recipe for overwhelm.  Maybe you have experienced feeling like you have too much to do, and don’t know where to start?  I have a few strategies I use when overwhelm strikes: I go for walks, I sit at the piano to play and sing, I do some yoga, I talk to the dogs.  I also have some less desirable habits that show up when I’m overwhelmed like eating chocolate, making rash decisions and pushing myself to keep working without enough sleep.  It’s a slippery feeling is overwhelm with its layers of fear, perfectionism and exhaustion … Today I stopped the overwhelm train and made a choice to get off at the curiosity station to regroup.  Here is a video of me in process, using EFT tapping to work through my overwhelm.


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