Women’s Wellness through Music

For the past six weeks it has been my pleasure to host a new program called Women’s Wellness through Music.  For an hour each week, eight dynamic women have gathered to engage in different activities that combine various wellness practices with a musical element.  We have experienced meditation, yoga breathing, energy work, gratitude journaling, EFT tapping and other practices, all to the backdrop of music.  From classical piano, to Native American traditional singing, to new age Pachelbel, to Hebrew songs of peace, to Vivaldi, we have engaged through the music.

In reflecting on this experience, I would like to share some observations:

1) Women are wise and wonderful.  It is so natural to share experiences, offer compassion, support each other and connect with a group of women.  We can have several spiritual mothers and spiritual sisters who guide and support us through life.

2) Music is a powerful catalyst to explore emotions.  Words are not always needed to either allow how we feel or express how we feel. Music invites a different kind of emotional experience that can allow for calming, healing, grieving and joy in a way that our thinking brains aren’t so good at. Music invites, provokes, engages and heals.

3) There such enormous value in holding the space.  Our lives are busy and task-oriented.  We don’t spend a lot of time in quiet reflection, learning to accept whatever is, or in compassion without problem solving.  It is amazing when a community of like-minded people can come together to just be. Music builds community.

What a privilege it has been to be in relationship with these amazing women.  I have learned so much from their individual experiences.  It seems to me that music is a natural companion to both women and wellness.  I’m planning to hold another session in the spring.  Until then, thank you for the music!

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